Museums and Galleries of Moscow

Pushkin Museum

Moscow museums are really worth visiting for they are merely unique. Where else in the world can you find a great museum of copies? It is true, that when going to a museum, we wish to see original masterpieces of great artists. But it's not so here. If you visit Pushkin Fine Art Museum you know it for sure that you are going to see copies made of plaster. At the end of the 19th century, Russian patrons of art decided to make world art and its history accessible for all those who wish but do not have such an opportunity. Now if you enter this Acropolis-like building you find yourself in a temple of Art. And it doesn't matter that plaster copies prevail - when you go to the church and look at an icon you don't believe that this is the only God, but a portrait of his, a window, through which He might look at us this time or another.

Tretykov Gallery

The Tretyakov Gallery is also a specific type of a museum. It's the gallery of national paintings only, where you can find everything - from Brullov to Malevich, from Madonna of Vladimir to "The Sitting Demon" by Vrubel. It's a good opportunity to try and solve "the Russian mysterious soul", which has been gifted by God to Russian people.

You definitely must see GIM, or State Historical Museum. Only some ten years ago it was eternally closed and it stood as a gloomy massive of dark red brick in the very centre of Moscow. Then it opened its doors to the visitors. The most interesting thing about GIM is the perfect archaeological material brought from various expeditions from all over Russia. Also GIM is famous for its exhibitions, which are held regularly in its exhibition halls, when you have an opportunity either to return to the world of childhood or find yourself in a hunter's pavilion of the 19th century. All kinds of magic are possible here.