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Interpreter assistance

Language barrier might be an obstacle to build essential business network. We will be glad to help You to do business in Moscow by working as Russian to English or English to Russian interpreters and translators. We can assist You at trade shows, exhibitions, presentations, seminars, business negotiations etc.

When coming to Moscow to participate in an exhibition, only a few businessmen hire interpreters or assistants beforehand to help them at their booths. Of course they might find somebody to help them right at the exhibition. But one can never be sure, if his new assistant will suit him or not, and if this person will be well-qualified to handle his duties. Still there is a chance of not finding any assistant at all.

Meanwhile if You choose our Interpreter services, You can be sure that:

  • We will be at Your service in due time.
  • We will be experienced and qualified. We send you profiles of candidates in advance.
  • Since we know our duties and Your requests beforehand we'll have an opportunity to comply with them.
  • We will be able to provide You with the variety of other services (such as transportation and guide services)

Working at international exhibitions is a major part of our activities. The participants of our project work with many foreign companies from all around the world, for instance: Germany, USA, England, China, India etc.

We annually assist at ProdExpo, MITT, Leisure Fair and other trade shows.

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